Beyond the Ribbon™

Through our Beyond the Ribbon program, we offer supportive resources to breast cancer champions as they go through their treatment journey.  We offer such things as:

  • Special care bags to those who are newly diagnosed, preparing for surgery, beginning chemotherapy, and/or starting radiation treatment
  • Prosthetic units and special pre- and post-surgery bras
  • Wigs, camisoles, and other items
  • Information and referral to other community resources

Love to sew or quilt and want to share your special talents?

You can become a Beyond the Ribbon™ Volunteer for Pretty In Pink Foundation to make items for our comfort care bags. Sign up by clicking on our Volunteer tab. Or give back in your local community by following our instructions and crafting comfort care bag items for cancer patients in your community. Connect with your local cancer treatment hospitals and cancer support groups to share items you’ve crafted. These items can be of support and care to anyone going through cancer treatment.

Comfort Care Tote Bag: This tote is perfect size to fill with many care and support items for patients going through their chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Fill them with a small pillow, a seat belt port pillow, a small lap or shoulder blanket, journal, crossword puzzles, and other comfort care items.

  • Comfort Care Tote Bag Instructions

    Seat Belt Port Pillow: This small pillows attaches with Velcro to a seat belt. It acts as a cushion for a patient’s chemotherapy port while driving or riding in the car. Pillows can be spot cleaned with warm, soapy water.

  • Seat Belt – Port Pillow Instructions

    Drain Bags: Drain bags are little bags that hold a patient’s drain bags from surgery. Tie them around you for support and to keep the drains from pulling uncomfortably. Machine or hand wash.

  • Drain Bag Instructions

    Pillow: A small pillow that is the perfect size cushion between a patient’s arm and site of breast surgery to avoid uncomfortable rubbing or pulling on a patient’s drain. Also use it to rest a patient’s arm on during chemo or to rest head on to relax. Pillow cases are machine washable.

  • Pillow & Pillow Case Instructions

    Eye Bags: This rice-filled bag is used to cover a patient’s eyes and help her/him relax. It can be used hot or cold by heating 30 seconds in the microwave or leaving in the freezer overnight. Do not wash.

  • Eye Bag Instructions